Our Team

Cory Lagerstrom
Cory Lagerstrom – CEO

With over 20 years of experience as a founder and owner-operator of a financial services firm, Cory’s expertise is in private and venture equity investment management. He serves on the Board of Procapita as well as the ChangePath Board, the latter being a company he founded in 2015 with a current excess of $2 billion in managed assets. He previously founded Frontier Wealth Management in 2007.

Tim Carlsen
Tim Carlsen – COO

Tim’s 20-year background is in financial services, advanced technologies, and environmental technologies. Previously, Tim was a partner at a Washington-based venture capital firm where he focused on marketing and sales strategies including price points and competitive landscapes.

Fred Niehaus
Fred Niehaus – Executive VP of Public Affairs

Fred brings 30 years in leading new business development and public policy teams in sectors that include energy, natural resources, and finance. This work includes working with state Attorneys General on policy impacting state commerce and public health and safety. Other notable work includes serving as Colorado Governor Roy Romer’s Special Assistant for Economic Development and Director of the Office of Economic Development and working under Illinois Governor James Thompson. More recently, he co-founded the Policy Center for Public Health and Safety.

Don Emel – Chief Engineer of HydroLand

With nearly 50 years of experience in the installation, operation and maintenance of electricity generating systems including nuclear power plants, gas fired turbines, geothermal units, bio-fuels plants and hydroelectric generators, Don is HydroLand’s Chief Engineer. Don began his career in the US Navy where he served as a reactor operator on a submarine and surface ship. Subsequent professional roles included those with Pacific Gas & Electric, Northern California Power Agency, and Hetch Hetchy Water and Power.