About Us


Fueling America’s transition to green energy by investing in and retrofitting hydropower facilities that harness the power to generate incredible amounts of renewable energy.


We believe small hydropower is the ultimate renewable energy resource. We envision an America where hydropower facilities are replaced by green energy parks.

What We Do

HydroLand acquires, revitalizes, and retrofits hydroelectric facilities that run along major rivers. There are hundreds of these facilities across the United States, particularly in the Northeast and West. We believe these facilities are the ultimate renewable energy resource as they are major producers of hydropower and a clean energy source America needs. 

By converting hydroelectric facilities into green energy parks, we can deliver modern, state-of-the art electric generation for the grid.

Powering America through the power of water is our purpose.

Upholding Our Environmental Promises

As a company dedicated to creating renewable energy, it is our job to be environmental citizens. We work to protect the environment, promote sustainable living, and increase stakeholder awareness to our environmental promises which include:

  • Utilizing modern, safe, innovative technologies to generate electricity with the least environmental impact
  • Protecting aquatic life through proven, safe technologies
  • Working with local stakeholders to understand the needs of the community and local environmental characteristics
  • Supporting America’s transition to green energy